Thursday, April 23, 2009

log truck

i stumbled upon this video today at work. feel free to watch, but be forewarned that it is an actual sermon and it is around 45-50 minutes long.

i have no idea who this guy is (paul washer), and there's a couple of things he says that i'm not 100% on board with, but he gave an example and i thought it was profound.

he was talking about how the world will know that we are christians and we can't just tell them, because they'll look at our lives and that will tell the truth. at that point we'll either be seen as a follower of Christ, a liar, or a madman.

he said that if he were to show up to work late and say "i'm so sorry i'm late, i had a flat tire and i was changing it and then tripped and fell into the street and a log truck was speeding 110 miles per hour and ran me over, but now i'm here." he will obviously be viewed as either a liar or a madman, because it is impossible to encounter something as large as a log truck and walk away unchanged.

God is much bigger than a log truck, obviously. this is a scary comparison because so much of american evangelicalism is "i believe in God/Jesus and He is Lord." if that's all christianity is, then satan and his minions are christians, too because they believe that He is God (James 2:19).

i pray that fruit would be seen in my life that is not of any merit of my own, but that it would be an overflow of the gospel in my life, and i pray that for everyone who thinks himself/herself a christian.

Christ help us.

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